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Feeding Your Finches

Many bird owners just feed their birds finch or canary seed mix from the pet store. It is often easier, but not usually less expensive.

We choose to make our own food most of the time and give our birds a healthy variety of things to eat, because if they still lived in the wild, they would eat whatever was available in the habitat at whatever season.

Everyone has their own best way to feed their birds, this is what works for us. We don't keep a lot of birds at any one time and we work outside the home. We have developed a birdcare routine - it saves time to make their food ahead of time and freeze in ice cube trays.  We move tomorrow's food portion to the refrigerator at night before we go to bed. Then in the morning, you can just give them whatever today's menu is. It works out portion-wise where you don't waste a lot of food. You will develop your own system for what works with your lifestyle and the number of birds you are raising. We also always provide a dish of seed or seed and pellet mixed as an additional food source in each cage.



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Feeding Your Finches

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