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Food Choices

It is important to us to keep our birds diets flexible - so they can adapt to whatever is food is available. In nature, birds do this - they eat seasonally available foods and have evolved over thousands of years successfully without ever having the human invention of vitamins added to their diet.   

We always provide a varied diet through the year including fresh greens, fruits and vegetables, as well as pellets and finch seed mix.  Our birds really love carrot tops, baby bok choi, fennel tops, broccoli, and mixed salad greens, corn on the cob, carrots, quinoa and dandelion greens.

Harrison's Super Fine
Harrison's is one of the pelletized diets which has the correct nutritional balance for finches and canaries recommended by our Vet.  Sometimes, we mix this in the food processor till crumbly with carrot tops or other greens and egg shells for their daily food  It can be given without any prep. Often if we don't process it, we mix it in with their finch seed mix. 

Finch Seed Mix

We always try to find finch seed mix without all the "colored" pieces of whatever it is that some manufacturers add as "vitamin and mineral" additives, because out birds eat everything in the cup except those pieces. We are fairly sure those colored pieces are more for marketing it to the humans. In nature - the finches would not be eating that stuff.


Egg Shells More on Egg Shells
We don't give egg shells every day - but several times per week. To prepare the egg shells just take the shells when you use eggs for human meals, and place them in a pan of boiling water for about 5 minutes then let them dry thoroughly on paper towels and run them through the food processor to grind them to a coarse sand-type size. Store in an airtight container like rubbermaid or tupperware at room temperature is fine

See our Prep Eggshells How To


Doug Taylor's Green Day Diet

No-egg Nestling Food (Quinoa)

Roy's Eggfood Recipe  This recipe is and his directions are for a large batch of food, but directions are given near the bottom of the page for reducing the quantities for a small batch for a few birds.

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Easy Food Prep Tips & Tools

Food Choices

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