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Frozen Food Logs - How To

Quinoa - available in natural food stores bulk sections or from azurestandard.com Make Quinoa in the rice cooker, using the proportion ratio 2 parts water to 1 part quinoa - our birds love to eat Quinoa - it takes about 20 minutes to make a batch. Our cooker is the 2 cup model, so we use 2 cups water to 1 cup quinoa.

Rice cooker

Mini brush setMini bottle washer set from DAISO (perfect for cleaning drinkers)

Mini chopper1 cup mini chopper (several Mfrs make these) these are good for prepping your veggies and seed combinations. Perfect for prep small batches of The Green Day Diet or Roy Beckham's Eggfood recipe 


Also great for prepping your dried eggshells prior to mixing in with your food mix. See How tp prep eggshells

Mini square cube ice cube traysWe use the mini-ice cube sized trays instead of regular sized ice cube trays for food freezing because the food freezes more evenly in the shallower-trays.


Water bottle ice cube traysFor the Frozen Food Logs we use water-bottle type ice cube trays - this freeze the food into the perfect size "logs" for treat trays.


Treat tray available at Petco or  Petsmart






Treat trays

Dewey helping herself to eggshells

Reusable cable ties available from Frys.comReusable cable ties

These are washable, and really great for cagedoor locks and mounting Corn on the Cob on cage bars

We also use these for mounting nests in the top back corner of the cage. These come in a 25 pak or 100 pak - both are very inexpensive and are washable.

About DAISO - we have found an amazing selection of items that work well for birdfood prep and serving (food and water dishes) at DAISO stores in our area. This is a Japanese themed worldwide store chain similar to Dollar Tree stores but their product emphasis is much more on space saving practicality. Most everything in their store in 1.50 or 3.00. We get the the mini chrome racks that hold our Hosptial Cages there, bird food treat cups in their sushi dishes dept, and trays for mini ice-cubes. 


Easy Food Prep Tips & Tools

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