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How To : Frozen Egg-Food Logs

We use several shallow feed trays and dishes in our bird cages. This allows the birds more choice of where they'll perch and eat, (avoiding traffic jams) and less chance that any fresh foods will spoil.

We make our own eggfood using Roy Beckham's eggfood recipe, or Doug Taylor's Green Day Diet and form into logs in the "waterbottle" type of ice cube trays shown below in Fig-3 and freeze over night.

When the logs in the trays are frozen, place the logs in ziplock baggies and store them in the freezer until used.   This assures that even when we are pressed for time to get to work, our birds can have good quality food in a hurry. We always provide a variety of other things to eat in addition to the frozen logs. "All things in moderation."--Ben Franklin

petcozillaterrerariumdishFig-1 This is a very shallow dish we use in the regular cages for food. It is also particularly good in the hospital cage for food or water, if you are trying to give your bird rest from perching due to illness or injury. We got it at Petco for $3.99


Fig-2 We chose this food dish - which comes in a 2 pack in various colors for $2.89 at PetSmart because it is shallow enough they can easily forage through the food but the food in it won't spoil over the course of a full day.




Fig-3 This ice cube tray comes in a 3 pack from Bed Bath and Beyond for about $4.99. Linens and Things also has them and sometimes Target does too. Ideal for making frozen food logs that fit perfectly in the pink food dish shown above in Fig 2.


Making "Frozen Food Logs" out of your homemade eggfood:

Once you have selected what mixture of food you will feed your birds, use it for making their frozen food logs in the ice cube tray  using these directions:

Mix the egg-food ingredients, making sure everything is coarsely blended to avoid "big chunks" later. Your mixture should be crumbly - not too wet and gooey.  Spread it in the water-bottle type of ice cube tray, (shown above) packing it down a bit but not too densely, and add a little water to each ice cube slot to keep the logs cohesive once they freeze. It makes it easier to get them out of the freeing tray in one piece. Then when they are frozen, put  several trays of them into a gallon sized ziplock freezer bag and store them in the freezer til use.

Also, our Finches and Mannikins love eating:

Fresh baby bok-choi leaves or other seed sprouts 
Fresh broccoli
Fresh endive
Fresh fennel
Fresh lettuce/salad greens

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