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Steam clean your cages

Steam clean your cages

Steam cleaning:

fast, easy, sterile - and

No Chemicals involved!

We use the Conair Steam Cleaner to really give a thorough cleaning to our flight cages weekly.


This model runs about $69.95 but is readily available at other internet locations as well. We have also seen them at Walmart, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond stores.

How does that work with a bird room or aviary? Anyone who looks at that web link product description can see that the unit is primarily designed for getting wrinkles out of clothes....  Steam is steam and  it works on cages. as well as it works on clothing.

Steam will sterilze and disinfect the cage in a lot less time and less scrubbing etc. We just hold the steam hose end near the bars passing over them slowly and use a brush to get off any stubborn spots - and then wipe down with a papertowel.

This method doesn't leave any harmful residue - we use straight water in the tank no chemicals or cleaners. It takes about 15 minutes to heat to boiling for steam and then about 5 minutes to clean a single 30x18x18 flight cage.

It doesn't seem to bother the birds while we're doing it - as we are deliberate in aiming it away from where they are. Others have mentioned the well advertised-on-TV brand of handheld steam cleaner (about the same size as a hand held dirt devil vac) which comes with mini nozzles on it to direct the steam, but the reservoir for water seemed so small that it wouldn't make enough steam to last for one flight cage cleaning let alone several of them. It would probably be ok if you have a single parakeet type cage with only one bird. 

Consider how much cleaning you want to do with one reservoir full of heated steam. Our choice was to go with the larger Conair one.


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