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Heat in your flight cages

These ideas are mainly for use with indoor cages, weatherproof options may need consideration for outdoor aviaries.

Ceramic heat bulb - non- light emitting

Ceramic heat bulb - non- light emittingFor spot heating in an aviary or our flight cage, we've been using a ceramic bulb heat emitter.  CAUTION: Place heat emitter bulbs FAR from any source of water in the cage where birds could accidentally splash the hot bulb and cause it to explode.

Heat lamp stand
Repti Lamp StandT: Use a Reptile Lamp Stand to safely suspend any of Zoo Med's Clamp Lamp (it will fit ok with most any other mfr's lamps and fixtures as well) 
The smaller size fits terrariums up to 20 gallons in size and has a maximum height adjustment of 24"(61 cm) and a maximum length adjustment of 12"(30 cm). fixtures or Drippers above your enclosure. The Reptile Lamp Stand is available in two sizes, both with adjustable height and length as well as power cord clips and a large base "foot" for stability. The larger stand easily adjusts from 8-15"(20-38 cm) long and 20-38"(50-97 cm) high to fit most standard size terrariums.
Heat Emitter bulbs are usually sold for reptiles at PetCo or PetSmart type stores or on the internet from ZooMed.com


or at http://www.healthypets.com/cerheatem.html


or at Flukers - theirs comes available in 3 wattages: 60w or 100w or 150w

(or these guys as a last resort because they only have one wattage choice): 

Clamp on light

You don't need an expensive "bird" lamp to put them in - we buy ours at Home Depot for $8.99 - the 8 inch diameter model will serve up to 100 watts.  Pay attention to the wattage when buying your emitter bulb.... you do not want to fry your birds. 

Note: the smaller 5to6 inch models will serve up to 60 watts. Make sure to match the clamp light model you purchase to the wattage of bulb you have selected.

This style of clamp lights are also usually available at Lowes.com  This is the style of 8" clamp-on we're using with our cages.  It will use up to a 100 watt heat emitter or full spectrum CF bulbs without any problem.   Another $6.99 option we use - particularly for small birds:,

Wire shelf we use a wire shelf mounted in one corner of the cage

with a (washable plaster of paris type) stone 5 watt rock heater  made by (and available online) ZooMed.com or locally $14.99 @ PetSmart on it (designed for reptiles)

5w reptile rocker heater .

Here's a photo of how we use it on a wire shelf in our 30x18x18 cages

Black and White Mannikins in a non-breeding 30x18 Flight cage with5watt reptile heat rock from ZooMed

Heated Thermal PerchHeated Perch from Birdsupplies.com



Make sure you include non-heated (standard) perches close by to give your birds a choice to be on or off of the heat source




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