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Suppliers : Where to get it


Bird net with long handle - bird mart

Cage shelf chrome avail from Petco & Petsmart, Black avail from PetFood Express

Cage locks (reusable cable ties)

Rolanka bulk coir - coco fiber   Available online from Rolanka

Coco Fiber (COIR) in Bulk

Drinkers - Just Bird Stuff or Bird Supply of New Hampshire

Drink pourspout use with recycled 24 oz Corona Beer bottles  clear so you can always see the water level remaining - BevMo  We use one of these these for handy water-dish refills next to every cage. We like the shot pourers with metal spout - they are dishwasher safe and last longer without leaking than the cheaper plastic ones which also work for this use, also available in bulk packs, these fit perfectly between 1/2" bar spacing cages.

Fake Pothos plants, garlands and greenery: Michaels Craft Store, JoAnn Fabrics, Dollar stores and Party supply stores   Whatever ones you choose  SMELL them first and make sure they do not smell toxic, and make sure they ARE NOT treated with flame retardant.  We prefer plastic ones to silks because they last longer and are totally washable with soap and water, and do not shred into threads that can get bird toes stuck in them as the silk ones fray over time.

Finch Nests - local bird mart

Heat Rock - 5 watts comes in larger size also Petco, Petsmart or online directly from ZooMed.com

Hospital cage How To:

Hospital cage container - Petco or Petsmart

Hospital cage food dishes  - Petco

Hospital cage heating pad - Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS Drug store or Walmart

Really important: when selecting your heating pad, make sure it is NOT one with an automatic shutoff after 2 hours - these are becoming standard all over - but if it turns off after 2 hours - it defeats your goal of keeping the temperature even in the hospital over night.

Hospital cage mini-chrome racks - Daiso

Hospital cage thermometer - Petco or Petsmart

Hospital cage towels Bistro type- Bed Bath & Beyond

Leg bands - numbered, traceable for Finch Breeders from NFSS.org

Leg bands - split colored bands for family or gender ID's from Redbird

Meal Worms - and other live insect foods

Mulberry Farms 3920 Gird Road - Fallbrook, CA 92028-8303 760-731-6088


Morning Bird Miracle Meal l baby food - hand feeding

Plastic Eggs - Bird Supply of New Hampshire

Quinoa - AzureStandard

Rolling chrome cage racks - Storables  or Costco or Lowes

Storables has the largest selection of open stock

shelving chocies of sizes and post heights

Seed Mix - Sam's Downtown Feed & Fuel San Jose  or The Seed Factory - Ceres CA

Show Cages - Jerry Cason

Sprouting stuff

Reusable Cable Ties for"cage door locks"


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