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It's Spring! Got nesting materials?  

A nifty use for hanging cloth shopping bag holders http://www.amazon.com/SacSoc-Desinger-Series-Plastic-Dispenser/sim/B006ACBJU2/2

If you sew, and have the paper trimmings of paper sewing patterns, you can give them to your finches to use them for nesting materials.

We grab a handful and set a pile of paper pattern trimmings on top of the cage near any of their perches and they seem to love pulling a piece from the pile and incorporating into their nests.  They also play with them, flying back and forth when they are not working on the nest.


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Are Your Birds Ready?  

Disaster Preparedness for your birds or other pets; whether for Earthquake, Floods or Fires, is something easily overlooked by Pet owners until the one time something as awful as a natural disaster touches their lives.  Here are some positive steps you can take to minimize the stress of having to go through a disaster and bringing your pets through it in one piece as well. Read the full article here: Emergency Prep For Birdkeepers

Preparing For The Unexpected - Doug Taylor's

December 2010 Breeders Notes - a really good article about what happens in your birdroom if you are suddenly physically disabled by an accident - a must read!

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