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Our finches love their Finch Hut, and you can personalize them as needed with your own choice of fake greenery. 

The Society Finches are fine with just the plain plastic canvas, they like to land on top of the hut and preen, but the Black and White Mannikins like more privacy around their nesting spot so - we used fake pothos or ivy garlands from Michaels Craft Store.  Many party supply stores and dollar stores carry fake plant garlands too.

It takes about one hour to make one Finch Hut from start to finish if you assemlble all the parts on the parts-list before starting. The Finch Hut is totally washiable, and will last for years. We clean ours in the sink with un-scented dish soap and water - no chemicals, and air dry.  

Note if your birds are raising unfledged chicks or on eggs, do not take the nest out and clean it. Thinking that would be obvious, we didn't think to specifically mention that when we first posted this how to - we had an unhappy email from someone who tried to clean their Finch Hut with the eggs still inside and lost the whole clutch.

Parts List

2 sheets of

Brown plastic mesh canvas

plastic canvas we used brown or beige Michael's or Joann, Walmart / Target






1 canvas or yarn needle (bodkin)  available from Michael's or Joann Fabrics or Walmart / Target

1 Wire shelfcage wire shelf







Fake pothos garlandPlastic Plant greens/garland (optional) Michael's or Joann Fabrics or Walmart / Target

1 roll of Lanyard lacingcanvas lanyard lacing    you only need lacing OR fishing line NOT both





1 roll or pack of 30# fishing line

Stren 30# test line

Stren heavy duty fishing line 30# test



Cocoa fiber or other Nesting materials


We like Stren Fishing Line 30# weight - either option the lacing or fishing line works fine - and both options will work better than string or thread as the birds will pick at the threads or string and eventually you will have to replace it.  We have never had to replace the fishing line.  It helps to use a bodkin, also available at any craft or sewing store. Using a bodkin makes it much faster to assemble.

A word about using fake Pothos plants, garlands and greenery in your flight cages:   Whatever ones you choose  SMELL them first and make sure they do not smell toxic, and make sure they ARE NOT treated with flame retardant.  We prefer plastic ones instead of silk garlands because they last longer and are totally washable with soap and water, and do not shred into threads that can get bird toes stuck in them as the silk ones fray over time. Widely available at Walmart, Michaels Craft Store, JoAnn Fabrics, Dollar stores and Party supply stores 

A lovely example of using fake plant garlands in Aviaries at Lainey Alexander's



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